Personal Stories and Musings

Stand by while life brings me things to say. 

I imagine this section will blossom nicely. 

A telling of an Uncoupling Ceremony that served as an alternative to the classic breakup; the intention was to honor and transition a romantic relationship into a friendship, and be witnessed and held by others in doing so. This was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.


This is a transcription of a talk that I gave before a workshop in 2019. It speaks to the importance of psycho-spiritual healing for a fulfilled life of greater connection. This is foundationally the motivation for the work that I do. 

In 2019 I was honored to receive a scholarship for the Aubrey Marcus, Fit For Service Mastermind. At the end of the year I wrote this piece of an ode to my tribe and the lessons I had learnt.

IMG_2330 (1)_edited.jpg

This is an experience that ensued after spending 10 hours on a rock wall in Squamish. It was an introspective moment that eventually lead me to create this service.