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Personal Stories and Musings


This piece covers my perspective on the Psychedelic Renaissance and includes important consideration for all those entering the space. 

 Psilocybin is the focal point of in my contemplation as this was originally commissioned for 

Moment Mushrooms. You can click here for a simplified and less esoteric version (stand by). 

Photo is post Peyote Ceremony. 

A telling of an Uncoupling Ceremony that served as an alternative to the classic breakup; the intention was to honor and transition a romantic relationship into a friendship, and be witnessed and held by others in doing so. This was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.


This is a transcription of a talk that I gave before a workshop in 2019. It speaks to the importance of psycho-spiritual healing for a fulfilled life of greater connection. This is foundationally the motivation for the work that I do. 

IMG_2330 (1)_edited.jpg

This is an experience that ensued after spending 10 hours on a rock wall in Squamish. It was an introspective moment that eventually lead me to create this service.

In 2019 I was honored to receive a scholarship for the Aubrey Marcus, Fit For Service Mastermind. At the end of the year I wrote this piece of an ode to my tribe and the lessons I had learnt.

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