Our Soul Path is a life of meaning, fulfilment, joy and beauty. It is achieved by speaking our Truth and aligning with our Authentic Self. Getting there requires cutting through the noise of the world and listening to the needs and desires that we hear from within.

What is our Soul longing for?

Kyle Dow offers support and guidance to develop the resilience and courage to step into authentic expression. This process requires awareness of the disempowering stories that we tell ourselves, the ones that are products of conditioning and trauma.

This program provides:

  • Uncommon tools that are fundamental for every human’s success in life.

  • Philosophical and psychological models to support the development of emotional intelligence and awareness of the psyche.

  • Prompts and Exercises to gain Clarity on who we are and what we want to experience.

  • Empowerment to eliminate all that isn’t serving us - including thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Soul Path features a community experience (also available 1 on 1) that is so critical to our personal development and seems to be lacking in modern life. In our sharing circles we support one another and recognize the commonality in the burdens of being human. In processing these burdens together, we're able to fully celebrate the joys of life.   

This is the process of deepening our connection with Self, others, and the Natural World, to harness our birthright as the creators of our existence.


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Time Line

6 Weeks

Each Week:

30 - 45 Minute Lesson

1-2 Hour Group Sharing Circle


Week 1: Intention Setting

Week 2: Soul Path and Tools

Week 3: Conditioning 

Week 4: Communication

Week 5: IFS and Wounds

Week 6: Closing Loops 

1 On 1


Private Coaching Calls

to focus on obstacles and resistance keeping you from your True Self

community Support

Our weekly sharing circles offer a space to find connection and support. Healing and Growth Happens in Community.

Meet like minded people to help you on your way. 

Soul Path is a 6 week program that includes:

  • Fundamental Knowledge to live a life of meaning and fulfillment.

  • Virtual Sharing Circles for Authentic Expression 

  • Awareness required to navigate the challenges of being human.

  • Critical Information that is not taught in mainstream curriculum.

  • Lessons and Introspective prompts designed to cultivate betterment and growth.

  • Tools to recognize the outdated stories that are preventing us from thriving in life.

  • Identifying areas of required healing. 

  • Reflective and Introspective work to cultivate deep inner peace.

  • Community Support to enhance the power of self-awareness and actualization. 

Week 1 - Introductions and Intention Setting.

Week 2 - The philosophy of Soul Path and tools to live it. 

Week 3 - Conditioning: examining the way we've been conditioned                     so that we free break free of limiting constructs.

Week 4 - Communication: recognizing our needs and creating                             harmony with others.

Week 5 - Psychological Models: Core Wounds and Internal Family                       Systems 

Week 6 - Closing Loops: coming to peace with our past and                                   changing the story of who we are. 


I've been doing inner work and self development for a long time, but the beauty of soul path is multifold – it offers structure around the process, done in a progressive way where each topic builds on the one before and allows me to take my hands off the reigns of trying to ‘figure out’ what to focus on.  Kyle’s approach made a lot of sense to me, and knowing his skillset and ability to see the bigger picture, connect the dots and distill dense and at times confusing information into something concise, digestible, interesting, and actionable was what really made this program stand out.  The other part of soul path that was so incredibly important to the value was the group itself.  The weekly group calls provide an intimate space to step into vulnerable conversations with incredible human beings.  The sense of community and support offered within the container was so valuable, and knowing I could trust that Kyle could guide us into digging deeper and reflecting safety, love, and support in that space made it possible to really open up.


 - Autumn