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Wildheart Men's Retreat
Remembering our Empowered Self
Sept. 26-29; Anderson Lake, BC

Nature Connection. Peyote Ceremony.
Movement and Martial Arts.
Personal and Collective Evolution.

The Wildheart Men's Retreat is crafted with the intention to support men in remembering their wild and empowered self. 


Together we'll return to the rhythms of Nature in this immersive, off-grid, camping experience in the pristine mountains of British Columbia. 


We'll call upon the power of ritual and ceremony as we connect with the land and explore a more primal way of being. 

We'll drop into our body with daily movement and martial arts practices, designed for all levels of fitness and experience. 

Together we'll build a Sweat Lodge for our communion with Spirit. 

We'll practice Nature Connection through skills and teachings to bring us closer to the Natural World.

We'll progressively open, connect and deepen, to arrive in a Peyote Ceremony as one of the culminating moments.  

We'll consider collective, societal, and transpersonal challenges to acknowledge that personal evolution requires service to the whole.




Agder is an ancestral ceremony facilitator with over 20 years experience working with the Mazatec mushroom tradition as well as the Lakota peyote sweat lodge.


His father was a medicine man before him and he was introduced to the medicine path at the age of 8. Agder trained in First Nations traditions and is certified by the Native American Church to run peyote and sweat lodge ceremonies.


He’s a Sundancer and Chanoopa carrier and his work has taken him all over the world from India to Canada and many countries in Europe.

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Kyle quit his 9-5 office job in 2011 to enroll in the Wilderness Awareness Schools 9-month Immersion program in Duvall, WA. He spent the following 8 years both studying and working with WAS, before setting off on his own. 


Kyle evolved his existing movement practice after meeting Rafe Kelly and joining the team at Evolve Move Play, helping others reconnect with the natural world and their gifts through exploration, play and curiosity.

He has been facilitating transformative experience in nature for over a decade: using the combination of nature skills, movement practice and community practices can help us create a more meaningful life. 



Kyle has devoted his life to the pursuit of passion, opting out of societal blueprints for the road less traveled. Mountain sports and extended time in Nature became his pedigree and foundation of Spirituality. 

Kyle recognizes the necessity of Connection for a fulfilling and meaningful life, and seeks to support others in deepening that connection; he does this through supporting Indigenous Ceremonies and offering Nature Connection experiences. 


Anderson Lake, BC

3.5hr drive north of Vancouver

160 Acres of Private Land

This land has been put into a trust that focuses on conservation as the stewards take pride in honoring and serving the Natural World.

It truly is a special place. 

We'll be staying in personal tents during our time on land to more deeply connect with Nature.

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