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Mazatec Psilocybin Ceremony
and Retreat, Sep. 28- Oct. 1
Anderson Lake, BC


A curated experience of pause, introspection and connection.

Give the gift of Self, to yourself.

This is a ceremony for healing and deepening

Awareness into the Mystery. 

Agder is an ancestral ceremony facilitator with over 20 years experience working with the Mazatec mushroom tradition as well as the Lakota peyote temazcal and sweat lodge. His father was a medicine man before him and he was introduced to the medicine path at the age of 8. Agder trained in First Nations traditions and is certified by the Native American Church to run peyote and sweat lodge ceremonies. He’s a sundancer and chanoopa carrier and his work has taken him all over the world from India to Canada and many countries in Europe.




This is a Mexican, ancestral ceremony from the Mazatec people based in the state of Oaxaca. Maria Sabina, the famous healer who brought magic mushrooms to the west in the 1950’s and ’60, came from this lineage. This ancestral ceremony works with psilocybin to promote healing and connection with the divine through techniques such as songs, prayers, and most of all, silence as a place of connecting with deep layers of the Soul.  The medicine carriers curate a ceremony that allows them to commune with ancestors spirits and deities, sing, heal and pray. The ceremony takes place in doors at night to deeply connect with ourselves. 

Alysha is a Multidisciplinary Artist who specializes in Intimate Dining Experiences by bringing Intentional Catering services to our tables. Being passionate about food for the last decade, she's come to realize how important it is to serve foods that will fuel your soul, nourish your mind and help your body thrive. She provides a grounding energy while creating our meals. Allowing us to feel centred so we can step into our deep work. When cooking her meals she ensures that the ingredients she uses are fresh, local and always made with love. It’s my her life's mission to create nourishing experiences for others around the world!


Micaela Carron


Eva is a serial entrepreneur, consultant and coach with over 20 years global experience. She trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as various individual and team 360 feedback tools. Eva is a certified psychedelic integration coach, Gamma breathwork and Reiki practitioner.

Eva Evers

Eyes closed.jpg

Kyle Dow is a curious seeker and student of wisdom; his current contemplation revolves around the expansion of consciousness - which means he likes everything. 

Kyle serves as an Psychospiritual Integration Coach and Space Holder.

He uses the models of Core Wounds, Non-Violent Communication, Internal Family Systems and Circling Exercises; his favorite space for personal and group introspection is Nature.  

Kyle Dow

Brad Samuels is a facilitator, guide, business coach and curator of intentional gatherings focused on healing, growth and self expression.

Brad believes that the next stage of human development will be centered around transformative modalities for future seekers, leaders, and warriors to increase agency and bring in a new Civilization Model, that incentivizes and manifests wellness and prosperity for the good of all: Para El Bien De Todos.


Brad Samuels

Anderson Lake, BC

This retreat will take place on Vancouver Island with an oceanside setting. 

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