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Mapping Consciousness
Internal Family Systems 

In this contemplative lecture and workshop, we'll explore how our perception of reality shapes our experience.


Our ego, the story of who we are, and our worldview, the story of how the world works, directly influences our subjective reality. These stories vary depending on our state of being (ie. nervous system).


We will begin by softening our world view and creating a functional Map of Consciousness, as we identify the field of information that we exist within. Then we'll explore the different characters in our personal psyche to see how they each gain access to different parts of the map.


The key piece of insight that Internal Family Systems presents us with is that our stories are not fixed; they're determined by the Part (aspect of our character), that we are currently embodying.


ie. Are we viewing the world from the perspective of the wounded child, or the empowered adult? How does reality change when we call in the magician, priestess or the warrior?


Through exploring our psyche and recognizing the parts that exist in dysregulation, we have the opportunity to meet our own needs and heal versions of our past self. How does this shift our relationship to all that is?


As we deepen our connection to our Self, and broaden our connection to the Natural World, life opens up in ways that we could have never imagined, creating opportunity for healing, expansion and empowerment. Ultimately we find greater meaning, fulfillment and peace in life as we align with our Dharmic path.



Event by donation: $50 - $100

Includes light snacks and drinks

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***No one to be turned away, reach out if funds are not available***

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