Hedon Rock Tours

Our CONSCIOUS Climbing Trips are designed to promote personal growth. We use climbing as a primer to enter a state of connection and openness. On the rock we intentionally enter a zone of discomfort to see how we can respond, adapt, learn and integrate. With intentionally chosen exercises, we apply this same formula to our experience outside of climbing.

What do you truly want from life but are afraid to pursue?

The discussions, exercises and tools we offer during our Conscious Climbing trips are designed to help people examine their own self-limiting beliefs, behaviors, and conditioning. We provide a safe space to practice radical authenticity; a space where people can show up in their true expression of themselves, free of judgement and shame.

In this safe container we cultivate connection to ourselves, connection to others, and connection to nature. We gently lean into the edge of discomfort; everything we ever wanted lies on the other side of fear, including who we truly are.

Packages Include:


Meditation – a wonderful tool for cultivating awareness and observing our own thoughts and behaviors

Authentic Relating – a practice that allows us to communicate from a more heart centered space

Circling Exercises – an opportunity to express openly and vulnerably

Breathwork – a process to awaken energy centers and releasing stuck emotions

Rockies Rock: August 23 – 30

Private outings and custom packages available. 

Email info@hedonrocktours.com to inquire about a life changing experience

Conscious Climbing Trips