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2024 Retreats

Wild Heart Men's Retreat
September 26-29
Anderson Lake, BC


I'll be supporting: 

The Institute of Ancestral Ceremonies
Wirikuta Excursion 
(Peyote Ceremonies)
November 2-7

Wixarika Retreat
(Peyote Ceremony)
November 15-18
Freebird Valley, CO



This is a day long (6hr) Nature Immersion that is designed to reset the nervous system and revitalize you into a state of wellness. This is a great way to alleviate the pressure of any present life challenges. We'll wander the trail network on private land to shift our awareness into non-ordinary consciousness. We'll utilize the sauna and glacier fed creek to cleanse any stagnant energy. I'll support you with any of life's current challenges and we'll defer to Nature to do the heavy lifting. 

Grounding and Wellbeing Session

This is an online session (60-90min) designed for you to decompress your nervous system from any of life's present challenges. I'll hold space for whatever is present for you and utilize psychotherapeutic tools to help you regulate your system and alleviate some of the burden. The power of reflection and reframing can help you move forward with confidence in your own capability to walk in a good way.  

Letting Go/Grief Ceremonies

"He who knows not the secret, die and become, shall ever remain a stranger on this Earth." We go through a thousand deaths in our lifetime and it's critical to mourn them all.
These grief ceremonies can be Celebrations of Life after the passing of a loved one, Conscious Uncoupling after a break up (both parties), Letting Go (one person), or any other monumental transition. We must honor our grief and process it intentionally or it will forever be a burden on us.  

Water and Fire Ceremonies

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