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The Myth* of Kyle Dow

Kyle Dow is a critical thinker and mystic, bridging the gap between pragmatism and spirituality. He's an outdoor enthusiast that finds fulfillment and connection in Nature, usually while climbing or skiing. Through his curiosity and process of expansion he has found awareness and tools which he uses to be of service. Kyle is a writer, speaker, Spiritual Student and Guide, who supports others in finding meaning and wellbeing.

*We all have a story of who we are, the Truth remains to be discovered.  

A Little About Me

Writing a personal bio is an interesting experiment. What are significant enough aspects of my being that will allow you to know and trust me? Instead of playing that game, I'll try to capture formative life experiences that don't define me, but rather help illustrate some of my current beliefs and values. 

When I discovered my passion for the outdoors in my early 20's I knew that I would not lead a conventional life. The pursuit of passion became my priority. I designed my life around maximizing time to ski and rock climb and very much built an identity around that passion. What I didn't know is that my time in Nature was expanding my awareness into deeper connection; this would become the foundation of my Spirituality. 

At some point in the midst of hedonistic pursuit I had the insight, "there's more to life than meets the eye." I didn't know what that meant at the time, and it remains a mystery that I'm still pursuing. The insight lead me to a life of contemplation, beginning to meditate and practice yoga for the first time. I won't pretend that I'm deeply committed or accomplished at either of those practices, though they do inform my way of being. 

The real disillusionment of my story began in 2019. I was awarded a scholarship into the Aubrey Marcus, Fit For Service, Mastermind. Throughout the year long program I became aware of some of the conscious and subconscious patterns that were shaping my experience of life, not always in a beneficial way. I had several ceremonial experiences that lead me deeper into the mystery as I broadened my awareness of consciousness. I was beginning to discover what I meant all those years ago in discovering what lies beyond conditioned perception.

FFS is a community that is committed to personal development and having a positive impact in the world; being a part of it catalyzed the process of Self-Discovery - a seemingly eternal journey. 

The tools that I learnt in FFS are the ones that I share with my clients.  After demonstrating commitment and leadership, I was asked to return in 2020 as a Lighthouse Member.

My passion of rock climbing lead me to become a Rock Guide and start my own business, which satisfied my intention of connecting people with Nature. Through the process in Fit For Service, I recognized that I was being called to explore other facets of life and let go of that business. 

In 2021, I had my first experience of activism by standing for what I believe in. I participated in the Fairy Creek Blockade in defense of Old Growth Forests. Perhaps more importantly, it was also a call to honor the rights of First Nation people through the Landback Movement. It was another  experience that solidified the importance of experiencing life in community.  I also discovered some of the horrors of colonization and how deeply broken our societal systems are. Community living and freedom from oppressive systems remain a focal point of my work. 

I've learnt that in order experience a life of meaning and fulfilment we have to discover who we truly are; the source of  Truth exists beyond our personal stories that are determined by past trauma and societal conditioning. Empowerment is found through expanding our awareness and ever expanding connection. 

My life purpose is to cultivate and explore Connection, and share my discoveries with others. There are three facets of connection: Connection to Self, Connection to Others, and Connection to Nature. Through the intentional deepening of Connection, we create greater meaning and fulfillment in life. This is what I bring to my clients. 

If it feels aligned, I'd be honored to share a portion of the journey with you. 

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