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As We March Forward

In 2019 I was honored to receive a scholarship for the Aubrey Marcus, Fit For Service Mastermind. At the end of the year I wrote this piece of an ode to my tribe and the lessons I had learnt.

Let us be grateful for what we’ve created this year, not only a community, but a hopeful future. We all answered the call for different reasons but it’s not by chance that this group has been united. Our efforts have been in honor of ourselves, in honor of each other, and in honor of the entire collective consciousness. The commonality we share is a commitment to betterment and what we’ve found in this community is freedom from the normal societal blueprint. We’ve shared uncommon states of ecstasy, and also deep moments of catharsis. In spanning a wide spectrum of emotion, we’ve proof tested our bonds.

What we’ve established is quorum sensing – by gathering intentionally and sharing energy, we’ve exchanged information, intelligence and love, both verbally and non-verbally. Think of the amount of wisdom in this group that we’ve all benefited from. The collective flow we’ve been a part of will carry us forward for the rest of our lives.

Our growth is propelled by a curiosity that is directed inward, outward, and into the great unknown. That curiosity has been coupled with courage and support, empowering us to venture into the darker corners of our experience. We have recognized the merit of entheogens, gifts from the Universe, to help us further our exploration. As we’ve learned, these medicines are to be used intentionally, responsibly and reverently. It needs to be recognized that these spaces hold great wisdom.

In this work with entheogens, “tools to commune with the Gods”, we have a responsibility. We don’t dabble for entertainment. Regardless if the process is viewed as inward or upward exploration, the objective is to bring something back that we can plant firmly in the ground, to promote growth and evolution. Our efforts in transformation are instrumental to the symphony of the world.

The earth is out of balance, and as the Universe seeks to have all things in balance, there is a sense of urgency. Humanity is in a disheveled state. Awareness of how things are, is an important step in shaping them to how we want them to be. Truth, forgiveness and love is what will bring us into equilibrium.

“Those who love peace must organize as effectively as those who love war.” MLK

Individually, we don’t have to change the world… but in awareness, we do have a responsibility to change our respective worlds. This is achieved by shifting our vibration. In our journeys and the continuous ceremony that is life, when we encounter darkness or suffering, let us lean into it, and together we will practice catharsis. As we walk our path of integration, and we feel our heart expanding, let us jump into that, and together we will celebrate ecstasis.

We must die to our stories. We must let go of what we think we know and remember what is. We intentionally reduce ourselves to our essence so that our human can dance with our higher self. As we continue to do the work to heal and evolve ourselves, we heal and evolve the collective consciousness. Para el bien de todos.

“Hard times call for furious dancing.” Alice Walker

As we strive for betterment, let us remember to play. Our spirit is psyched to have a vessel that we can create from. Creativity cultivates happiness and happiness breeds creativity. Every free expression is a step closer to our Soul; when a Soul is in truth, other souls listen. As we play as the light in form, we will awaken the truth in the hearts of all, so that we can propagate the vibration and create a conscious culture. We’re here on earth to play at full capacity. We came here to bring home here.

Let us carry the positive vibration we’ve created forward. Let us practice Satyagraha – non-violent resistance to the ways of the world. Let us develop unwavering peace in the face of all. Let us hone our connection to ourselves, others and Nature, so that we can maintain the bridge to spirit. In the presence of the grand and mysterious, people will heal; we will initiate ourselves into our full humanity and tend to the wounds of the Earth.


Thank you for your courage and your hearts.

In Love,

Kyle Dow

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