Healing Ourselves to

Heal the World

Helping People Heal

Through Integrating Plant Medicine, Recovering From Addiction,

Managing Crisis,

and discovering their Soul Path

Personal Guidance

Kyle works with all varieties of people who are on the path of personal growth and healing. Typical clients include people integrating plant medicine ceremonies, recovering from addiction, managing crisis or discovering their Soul Path.

Kyle sets a very intentional and safe container, free of judgement and full of compassion so that you can show  up as your most authentic self. Through the practice of heart centered listening and asking powerful question, you are guided to your own intuition and wisdom. Kyle helps shine light on blind spots and so that you may gain greater understanding of yourself, in order to eliminate self limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Kyle helps empower you to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.


Retreat Services and Group Work

Kyle works as a speaker and facilitator for events and retreats. Through workshops, group discussions and exercises, a container is intentionally set to cultivate deep connection. This work focuses on moving away from our mind and ego so that we may listen to our heart and soul. As we speak and listen from our center, we move towards a more authentic expression of ourselves.


Kyle works with meditation, mindfulness, authentic relating and traditional circle work.

Kyle is also available for private groups, men's circles and family work. 


What is Integration?

On a psycho-spiritual level, integration is the return to wholeness. It’s a process of acknowledging all parts of our being; mind, body, hear and spirit, and making sure that they’re in balance and alignment. There’s opportunity for every person in any circumstance to be working on this. It’s about viewing all parts of our character, all of our life experiences, and accepting them with love and appreciation. It’s often challenging for us to have gratitude for our trauma and suffering, but there is great learning to be found in the darkness. Once we alchemize the pain into wisdom, we step closer to forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love. It’s from this place that we become whole and life a truly empowered life.

Integration as it pertains to peak experiences such as plant medicine ceremony, is the process of unpacking the lessons found within the ceremony and then implementing them into daily life. Integration begins with preparation as people learn about the process and set clear intentions for what they’re hoping to learn or heal. Post ceremony integration is the thorough reflection of the experience to gain clarity and understanding. Once the lessons are understood, an action plan can be made to turn them into wisdom in order to lead a fulfilling life.