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Integrating Life's Experiences for Greater Connection.


Designed to cultivate Greater Meaning and fulfillment. 

Discover Yourself and Create the Life of Your Dreams! 

The distance between who you think you are and who you truly are is the cause of all discontentment and disease. 


Kyle Dow

Kyle is endlessly curious about all of life and has managed to find deep meaning and fulfillment.

In listening to a random intuitive calling in his early 20’s, he left his home town and all things familiar to see what he could discover in the Canadian Rockies.

Kyle floated whimsically through his youth being very set on leading a life of passion and fell into the mountain town trap of excessive partying. While the daily adventures were very much in alignment with what his Soul was calling for, other masks and conditioning stood in the way of true authenticity. Even without much awareness, there was a developing connection with the Natural World; this would eventually become the foundation of his spirituality.

In a moment of inexplicable clarity, with no previous knowledge of spirituality or connection, Kyle claimed to a friend, “There’s more to life than meets the eye.” This was the catalyst of his Soul Path and he began to take a closer look at himself and the nature of his existence. Meditation and yoga were the first tools he introduced to develop greater connection; 7 years later Kyle remains an eager apprentice of life.

Kyle became a Rock Climbing guide in 2017 and started his own climbing business called Hedon Rock Tours. In 2019 he was accepted to the Fit For Service Mastermind which was created by Aubrey Marcus. In learning from Aubrey and coaches, Kyle Kingsbury, Erick Godsey and Caitlyn Howe, as well as the other members, he continued to orient himself closer to his True Self. Kyle demonstrated leadership in the community and was asked to return in 2020 as a “Lighthouse Member”, to help support all the new members.

Kyle now strives to be of service by sharing all the tools and wisdom he’s gathered along the way. The human condition is inextricable from burden and grief; it’s also full of love, joy and almost unbearable beauty. The trouble is that not enough people are experiencing the latter, and in order to do so, we require the tools and support to process the former.

Kyle’s mission through Connection Integration Services and his flagship program, Soul Path, is to help others deepen connection to their True Self, other and Nature, so that they may wake up to the Magick of Being Human.


What is integration? 

On a psycho-spiritual level, integration is the return to wholeness. It’s a process of acknowledging all parts of our being; mind, body, hear and spirit, and making sure that they’re in balance and alignment. There’s opportunity for every person in any circumstance to be working on this. It’s about viewing all parts of our character, all of our life experiences, and accepting them with love and appreciation. It’s often challenging for us to have gratitude for our trauma and suffering, but there is great learning to be found in the darkness. Once we alchemize the pain into wisdom, we step closer to forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love. It’s from this place that we become whole and life a truly empowered life.

Integration as it pertains to peak experiences such as plant medicine ceremony, is the process of unpacking the lessons found within the ceremony and then implementing them into daily life. Integration begins with preparation as people learn about the process and set clear intentions for what they’re hoping to learn or heal. Post ceremony integration is the thorough reflection of the experience to gain clarity and understanding. Once the lessons are understood, an action plan can be made to turn them into wisdom in order to lead a fulfilling life.